Baha Omary Kikhia was born in Damascus, Syria, and studied Fine Arts at the Universities of Damascus and Baghdad. She was the student of leading artists Fatih Al Muddaress and Faiq Hassan.

Earlier in her career, Baha moved to New York City, where she exhibited in private galleries including the United Nations. Her extensive travels took her to many cities around the world (London, Paris, Brussels etc.), where she continued to thrive as an artist and her work began to take on its own individuality.

Throughout the years, her style has continually transformed as it reflects her profound experiences, including being a mother and a vibrant social activist. Baha’s work has always been distinguished by its vivacious and sensual aura, along with her unique use of bright colors. Her art is based upon her concept of the woman as a powerful and inspiring figure. The commanding presence of ‘the feminine’ is always visible in her depiction of old cities, landscapes, and Bedouin gatherings.

Baha currently resides in Washington D.C where she continues to express and crystallize her vision and celebration of life.

As I evolve and mature through my life,
I always find myself returning to my own
essence, as a human – a woman, a mother.
For me, my world – this Dunia
cannot be separated from my feminine identity.
My paintings are a translation of the
spectrum of my feelings – the good,
as well as those which are more difficult to bear.
With every dot or stroke, I express my hope in the renewal of life
and of the necessary struggle that each day brings.
- Baha Omary Kikhia